Killarney Farms Swim Center
KFSC Events Calendar

Events and dates for 2017!
(More events will be listed on this page as the season
progresses and we add events to our schedule!
March 17th
St Patrick’s Day celebration - Polar Bear Swim!
April 1st
Annual clean-up day (9am) – volunteers needed!
April 8th
Pool Opens!
April 9th
Ice Cream Social! (Weather permitting...)
April 7th
(Fri) Swim team try-outs, 3:30 - 5 pm
April 8th
(Sat ) Swim team try-outs, 1:45 – 3 pm
April 9th
(Sun) Swim team try-outs, 1:45 – 3 pm
April 12th
Returning Swim Team members' registration due
April 15th
Easter Egg Scramble!
April 25th
General meeting, 7:30 PM
May 6th
Taco Truck Party
May 29th
Memorial Day BBQ and Potluck!
June 9th
Summer kickoff – Water Slide day!
June 11th
Opening Party!
July 1st
Parent Swim Meet & Family BBQ