Memberships and Fees - 2018
Family Membership Rates

  $600, plus $100 maintenance fee.

(The maintenance fee is waived for returning 2017 members. The maintenance fee
requirement can be satisfied by 10 hours of volunteer service at the facility, where

Refer a Member, receive cash!  If you refer a new family to join, you can receive a $100

Find the
2018 membership form here, and refer to the pricing schedule above!

Payment Options
Pay by Check:
1. Simply include your payment with your completed membership form and liability
release. Return them to the address given on the membership form.

Pay online with your credit card or online check:
1. Send email to with a simple request for online setup
2. You will receive an invoice from KillarneyFarms Swim Center for the full membership
amount. (You decide the amount you wish to pay)
3. Click "View Invoice", then "Pay Now"
4. Enter your payment amount and payment method (credit card or online check).
5. Please return your completed membership form and liability release.