Memberships and Fees - 2017
Family Membership Rates
Our summer special membership program features a combination of a low down payment
and per-use passes. Now you can enjoy the benefits of KFSC membership while tailoring
your cost to how often you visit KFSC! The Summer Special runs from June 12th to
August 27th.
•        $295 Membership fee
•        Packs of passes must be purchased to use KFSC after paying the membership fee.:
            10 vouchers for $50
            25 vouchers for $100
            50 vouchers for $175
•        This program entitles members to discounts for Swim Lessons and Adult Swim,
admission to special events (other fees may apply), and use of the pool during open
hours with purchased passes.
Visit KFSC or call 408.241.3609 for further details or to sign up!

Regular Membership Fees
Returning families from 2016
•        $475 deposit at time of registration
•        Balance of $300 due by June 1, 2017
New families (i.e. Families who were not members in 2016)
•        Includes one-time maintenance fee of $125
•      Minimum $600 deposit at time of registration
•      Balance of $300 due by June 1, 2017

Individual Memberships
Regular Membership Fees
•        Must be at least 18 years old
•        Membership form and signed liability release required
•        Liability form signed by parent/guardian for minors
•        Valid during open hours except on the following days—
Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Water slide days
Day of team overnight
Day of team party
•        Considered a non-member for lessons or swim team
•        Includes 2 one-time-use guest passes (Additional one-time-use guest passes for
$10 each (limit 2 each purchase)
•        May not purchase regular guest passes
•        $450 due at time of registration
New members pay additional one-time maintenance fee of $125
•        May convert to family membership by paying difference in fees

Payment Options
Pay by Check:
1. Simply include your payment with your completed membership form and liability
release. Return them to the address given on the membership form.
Pay online with your credit card or online check:
1. Send email to with a simple request for online setup
2. You will receive an invoice from KillarneyFarms Swim Center for the full membership
amount. (You decide the amount you wish to pay)
3. Click "View Invoice", then "Pay Now"
4. Enter your payment amount and payment method (credit card or online check).
5. Please return your completed membership form and liability release.
Killarney Farms Swim Center