Killarney Farms Swim Center

Guest Pass Program
A maximum of 2 guests at a time per member family is allowed unless prior arrangements have
been made with the manager. Members must register their guest(s) at the front desk and remain at
A valid Liability Release form for each guest must be on file at KFSC. (See the "Forms" page)

Members wishing to schedule a party at the pool must make arrangements with the manager at least
2 weeks in advance. A maximum of 10 guests is allowed at parties. A $100 deposit is required. This
privilege is available to members only.

If you have any questions, call (408) 241-3609 or see the pool manager

Barbecue Area
The BBQ is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Users must provide their own supplies,
including charcoal and matches. Anything left at the BBQ is done at the individual's own risk. Please
clean the BBQ when you are finished so that it will be ready for the next users.

Membership Rebates
KFSC offers a $100 rebate to any returning KFSC member who brings in a new member family. The
rebate will be paid when the 2018 membership of both the returning family and the new family have
been paid in full. There is a 4 family limit (i.e. up to $400) to the number of rebates a returning family
can earn. To ensure that a returning family receives credit for a new member, the new member
should put the returning family's name on section 4 of the Membership Form. If you have any
questions about this program, please contact one of the pool managers.

Lap Lane Swimming
During free swim sessions, one lap lane is reserved for Lap Swimming. During the 15-minute
breaks, the entire pool is available to anybody 16 or older who wishes to lap swim or play.
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