We offer both group and private swim lessons. Questions about swim lessons or guided workouts may be
directed to one of the pool managers

Group Lessons
Four 30-minute lessons per session

Class Levels
The following classes will be offered each day, but not necessarily during each 30-minute time slot.
Tadpoles: - Minimum age 4 by June 1*, must be able to put face in the water, no swimming skills required.
Beginners: - Minimum age 4 by June 1, floats on stomach and back, beginning arm strokes.
Advanced Beginners:  - Swims 15 yards freestyle in deep water, floats and kicks on back.
Intermediate: - Swims 25 yards on front and on back.
Stroke Improvement: - Swims 25 yards freestyle and backstroke, has knowledge of breaststroke.
* If there are openings in the Tadpole classes 48 hours prior to the start date, we will accept students who are 3
1/2 by June 1.

Summer Lessons
Schedules will be available soon!

How to register
- Please register in person at KFSC during operating hours with the pool manager on duty.
- Fees are due at the time of registration, by cash or check, please.
- Fees for Group Lessons are
$50 per swimmer (KFSC Members) or $100 per swimmer (non-members)

Private Lessons
Two hours of lessons: 4 x 30 minutes, 6 x 20 minutes, or 8 x 15 minutes
Lesson times by arrangement with the pool manager / instructor
Fees for private lessons:
$100 per student for KFSC Members, $200 per child for non-members
Summer Swim Lessons - 2017
Killarney Farms Swim Center